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CS:GO Coach Devilwalk Ends The Speculations About Him And Maden



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28-year-old Swedish CS:GO coach Jonatan Lundberg, known as “Devilwalk” has been working with GODSENT since 14 November 2019. Before that, he was working for SMASH Esports. On the other hand, his player Pavle “maden” Bošković is also playing for GODSENT since 14 November.

On 15 December, after Devilwalk was too angry at the Maden and yelling at the DreamHack Open Winter 2019, Devilwalk shared a photo with him and ended the speculations.

Devilwalk said:

“Me and Maden are good. I made a mistake taking a discussion with him about a misunderstanding between us. I called stop discussing something that Maden didn’t hear which I thought he did. Maden was not toxic, It was isolated event I wanted discussed instantly, which is my bad.”

His teammate Maikelele with humor:

“Fucking toxic coach and player… toxicwalk and MADen… can’t understand how toxic this is. Obviously gonna get kicked because they’re destroying the team….”

Another teammate kRYSTAL said:

“Can confirm. I am roommate of devilwalk and he punched me once when i was sleeping… wtf”

FPL player Lobanjica replied:

“you better not touch my boy”

Devilwalk said:

“But u touched me 🙁 I can show on the doll where”

You can read the tweets below.

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