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CS:GO Coach mithR Reveals The Teams That Has A Great Chance To Win Katowice



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One of the greatest Danish coaches in the community, Torbjørn Nyborg, known as “mithR,” is a 30-year-old coach who had worked for teams like Team North, Tricked Esports, ALTERNATE aTTaX and many more. Currently, he is looking for a team to lead.

A few days ago, he shared his thoughts about IEM Extreme Masters Katowice and stated that Astralis and Mousesports have a great chance to win the prize.

Here is what mithR wrote:

“Katowice! So many great games, and so much inspiration to be gained! One of my favorite events of the year to watch. I really hope I can help a team getting good results and making it to Spodek Arena in 2021! Crossed fingers

My top4:

– Astralis
– Mouz
– NaVi
– G2

What’s yours?”

A fan named Priyank replied:

“I think G2 will crumble since almost everyone is expecting them to make playoffs and that’s when they usually get fucked”

Another fan named Morten said:

“I think this is tough, faze clan on the rise, astralis has to prove they’re still in form, and G2 have to win a big tournament soon, and mouz just stronk”

You can check the tweets below.

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