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CS:GO Legend Hiko Is Dealing With Health Issues



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American CS:GO legend Spencer “Hiko” Martin known for his achievements with Cloud9, iBUYPOWER and also Team Liquid. In the past 2 years, he played for Rogue but in 2019, they announced that they are retiring from CS:GO competitive scene. On 3 June, Hiko tweeted about his health issues that couldn’t pass for 2 days.

Hiko said:

“Somehow my back got worse over the weekend 🙁 I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday but I won’t be streaming today and we’ll see how I feel tomorrow 🙁 sorry”

After 2 days, Hiko informed:

“Late tweet but no stream today – at the doctors office now … hopefully going to find out exactly what’s wrong with my back/leg :/”

You can check his tweets from below.

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