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CS:GO Manager Of Complexity Gaming Warden Reveals The Worst Part Of Esports



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Matt Dickens, known as “Warden” is a 34 year old coach/manager who has been working for Complexity Gaming since 2015. Since June 2019, he is a manager for the team. On 23 November, he revealed the worst part of the esports.

Warden said:

“Worst part of esports is missing your family around the holidays when on the road. Another Thanksgiving dinner missed this year and I’m pretty sure the lifetime tally is over half a dozen missed now. Makes me sad as I love my family more than anything.”

He added:

“Sometimes I wonder at the end of the day if I’ll regret not spending every holiday with them. It’s a bitter pill to swallow that I know every esports veteran has had to struggle with in their head at one point or another. Sucks to think about tbh.”

You can check his tweets below.

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