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CS:GO Player AdreN Reveals What Changed After He Joined To The Team



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Dauren Kystaubayev, known as “AdreN” is a 29-year-old Kazakh CS:GO player who was playing for AVANGAR. On 16 December 2019, signed the AVANGAR roster and he has been representing the VP since then. Before that, he had played for teams like Gambit Esports, FaZe Clan, Hellraisers and more.

On 18 December, during the interview with, he revealed what changed after he joined the roster.

“At BLAST Pro Series Moscow, Jame mentioned that your addition to the team was very significant as you brought changes to training and discipline. When you joined, what were some of the main issues you identified that needed fixing?”

AdreN replied:

“When I arrived, I saw that the guys played a lot, and I wanted to transform that volume into quality. I did my best to share my experience and knowledge that I had taken in from Zeus when we had played together in Gambit, because before he joined, that team had an approach similar to the one the AVANGAR guys had before I came in.”

He added:

“I brought in more discipline to different aspects of the team, added a more systematic approach to preparation, in that when you’re practicing for something, you need to have a system where you do similar things every day, with a slight variation – it’s difficult to describe. “

AdreN continued:

“I also thought that we needed to take our minds off the game occasionally while simultaneously understanding that Counter-Strike is our life. These were the main things I brought to the team”

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