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CS:GO Player ALEX Explains Why He Decided To Play For Cloud9



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Alex McMeekin, known as “ALEX,” is a 24-year-old British CS:GO player who had been playing for Team Vitality since December 2018. In March 2020, ALEX took a break from the competitive scene due to the burnout problems.

Three days ago, ALEX announced his departure from Team Vitality and said goodbye to the players while showing his gratitude to the organization and staff members. Afterward, He rumored to be joining Cloud9’s new roster.

After announcing Henry “HenryG” Greer as a general manager of the team and Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović as a coach, Cloud9 revealed that they are going to build something new and greater in the esports. Later on, they agreed with ALEX to be the team captain of the roster and welcome him into the organization.

ALEX spoke in a recent interview with 1PV CS and revealed his thoughts about Cloud9 while unveiling the real reason behind joining the North American organization.

In the conversation, ALEX mentioned the importance of having a good mental and physical health and stated that he wanted to join an organization that cares about the players’ conditions and really thinks about them. In this way, he explained why he decided to join Cloud9 in the end.

Here is what ALEX said:

“The project is created with the players’ health being taken into account. I’m not saying it wasn’t in Vitality, but it’s one of our main focuses now to make sure that we’ll be in good physical and mental condition at every event we attend.

The project I want and I’ve chosen is one in which the organization thinks about our health and doesn’t want us to burn out.”

ALEX about the goal of the team:

“We were always told in Vitality that we got good results because ZywOo was carrying us, so this is going to be the real test for me as a leader to prove that I can get results for my team without having the best player in the world.

The goal is to win Flashpoint, this isn’t a project in which we’ll say that we need time—we’ll get good players, fit them into the team and we want results quickly. Looking at the team list, not winning Flashpoint would be a disappointment, at least for me. My personal goal, which I think is possible, is to win a Major title before the French teams.”

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