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CS:GO Player blameF Feels Weird For Interesting Reason



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Benjamin Bremer, known as “blameF” is a Danish CS:GO player who had played for teams like Epsilon eSports and Heroic. On 26 September, he joined the Complexity Gaming. On 7 October, after he watched the Joker movie, he said that he is the only one who doesn’t like the movie.

blameF said:

“Damn, saw the new Joker movie and it literally didn’t speak to me at all. So much hype around it and it didn’t catch my interest. I like the fact that the guy was fucking mental and he played the role great, but the story was a bit meh. Am I weird?”

He added:

“Could also be because they made me eat a burger and a oreo shake off my own legs without a table even tho I paid, 30 dollars for it. Definitely ruined the experience a bit”

You can check his tweet below.

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