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CS:GO Player Boombl4 Reveals How Much Comfortable His Role In Natus Vincere



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Kirill Mikhailov, known as “Boombl4” is a 20-year-old Russian CS:GO player who has been playing for Natus Vincere since May 2019. Before that, he was playing for Winstrike Team. Currently, he is one of the youngest in-game leaders in the CS:GO scene.

On 19 December, during the interview with, he explained how hard his role in the team.

“Let’s catch up on more general topics. You mentioned you had moments where you weren’t sure how to act during the match as an in-game leader. Since some time has passed now, could you give a gauge of how comfortable you feel in the role?”

Boombl4 said:

“With every day of practice and every match that we play, I gain experience both as an individual player and as a captain. At the moment I am trying to understand the T side from a macro perspective, so things like how the CTs position themselves. Andrey (B1ad3) helps me a lot with this. It allows me to control the CTs’ movement by forcing our game onto them, which in turn means that I can understand where they are positioned. This is done so that we can exploit areas of the map where there are few opponents or where it’s simply awkward for them; we want to stretch out the defence. “

Boombl4 continued:

“I can’t say I have an understanding of this dynamic on all of the maps, perhaps I’ve more or less developed some understanding of how to use this on Nuke. If teams prepare for us, which most teams do, it obviously harder to play.”

He added:

“In the game versus Vitality I experienced an issue where I struggled to adjust when they understood what we were doing. They had adjusted to us, but I wasn’t able to adjust to counter it, and it became difficult to get back into the game. We didn’t have rounds we could latch onto. Of course, we had some moments in the match, but I find it difficult to adjust, maybe I need to find a different approach. When the opponent understands what you’re doing, while you’re sticking to the same thing, it just doesn’t work out, and that was a real struggle for me. Adding on top of this was mounting stress because we had had such a great performance on the first map. It was very difficult to come back on Nuke.”

“B1ad3 is a recurring figure in your answers and we learned from flamie in Odense that he spends a great deal of time working with you individually. Talk about that interaction and how he has helped you with the role of the in-game leader”

Boombl4 replied:

“B1ad3 helps me in all aspects, because a captain is responsible for everyone when you play on the T side, and there are also maps where you need to control everything on the CT side and have an understanding of the macro perspective, things like where the opponents have a weak spot or where we are feeling a little shaky. Counter-Strike is largely based on advantages, and B1ad3’s main objective is to show and explain where we have advantages and how to utilise them; he does a lot of work all around. Even when I suggest certain rounds, he explains to me why we shouldn’t do certain things because there are risks associated with that decision. We try to build our game in a way where eight out of ten times there are no risks, for example. We take a risk-averse approach because we need to develop a steady game.”

Boombl4 added:

“Otherwise, as I said before, we work a lot on the macro aspect of the game to develop an understanding of how the defence works when we’re on the T side, and how to gain information as the CTs. This is done to develop an immediate understanding of their positioning, even if it’s a single player that we have information on; it also helps to understand what kind of round we should expect. We work on all existing aspects of the game. I feel like with every tournament my understanding develops, but at this point, it’s not enough and there’s definitely a lot of room to grow. I hope that we continue to gain experience and start grabbing victories.”

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