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CS:GO Player cadiaN Reveals What Changes After He Joined The Heroic



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Casper Møller, known as “cadiaN” is a 24-year-old Danish CS:GO player who joined Heroic in October 2019. Before that, he had played for teams like North, Rogue and many more. On 17 November, during the interview with VPesports, he revealed what changed after he joined the Heroic.


“The Heroic roster has kind of been all over the place in recent history. You had Snappi in and out, you had blameF in and out, Friberg, etc. Now you’ve come in as the last piece. Do you feel there still structural changes happening as you joined or you came in late enough to avoid that?”

cadiaN replied:

“The team when they had everyone except me and blameF seemed like they were set on everything and that would be the future. I guess the sale of blameF came kind of unexpected. Complexity came in, wanted to buy him, and I’m assuming Heroic got an offer they couldn’t say no to and blameF was interested.”

He added:

“It was a big change for the other Heroic players because adding me meant that a lot of players had to change roles. es3tag had to stop AWPing and some of the roles that he wanted as a rifler b0rup now had, so b0rup had to give up some of his roles. There were a lot of role changes in the team. Which I guess doesn’t go hand-in-hand with how we’ve been performing at the early stage.”

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