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CS:GO Player cadiaN Shares His Opinion About The Youngest Member Of Heroic: stavn



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Casper “cadiaN” Møller is a 24-year-old CS:GO player who has been playing for Heroic since 11 October 2019. Before that, he had played for North and Rogue. On the other hand, Martin “stavn” Lund is a 17-year-old prodigy who has been playing for Heroic since March 2019.

On 29 October, during the interview with, cadiaN shared his opinion about the stavn and his future.

“stavn has been drawing a lot of attention because of his recent performances and consistency. What do you think about him now that you’ve gotten a chance to play alongside him?”

cadiaN said:

“He’s one of a kind, for sure. I remember spectating him when he was like 13 or 14 years old at PowerLAN 2016, the LAN Heroic won against Astralis. He was playing the BYOC and I think he was playing against some pretty good Danish team, ranked sixth or seventh maybe, being 13 years old and he was like calling around his team while just owning. People have also seen it at Copenhagen Games and so on, what this guy is capable of, he had like 100 kills in a best-of-three or something. “

cadiaN continued:

“But what’s unique about stavn is his game sense, it’s different from many others’. He’s hyper-aggressive, which can also sometimes hurt, but that’s what makes him different compared to a lot of other players I’ve seen. He’s versatile, he can AWP, he can rifle, he can do anything. He has a very bright future, for sure, he’s going to be one of the biggest stars in Counter-Strike, I think.”

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