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CS:GO Player Coldzera Reveals What He Feels About FaZe Clan



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25-year-old Brazilian terminator Marcelo Augusto David, known as “Coldzera” had played for top-tier teams like SK Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, MIBR and more. Since 25 September 2019, he has been playing for FaZe Clan. On 9 November, during the interview with, Coldzera revealed what he is thinking about FaZe Clan and himself right now.

“Where do you think you and FaZe are in the bigger picture?”

Coldzera said:

“We’re in the top 6, for sure. BLAST is BO1, right? But the way we beat the teams was really convincing. I believe we’re top 6. Astralis is the best team in the world, EG is second, then you have fnatic, Vitality, Liquid, and then I think it’s us. We’re playing really good CS, we’re playing well together, and I just think we need a little bit more time to figure things out. Today was a good test for us because we were a little bit nervous, especially against Vitality, because we had never had a match in which we were losing so hard. Today we had a really good match, even when we were losing hard we were trying to figure out how to play more calmly… and that’s when our CS is good. When we have good comms, when we’re calm, and when we know what we’re doing.”

He added:

“We have a lot of experienced players and we know how to play situations pretty well, so when we have 5vs4s, 4vs4s, those are the situation we like to play. I think we’re doing a good job, we just need to fix the mistakes and learn from each other. That’s the best part, everybody respects and believes in each other. I think after the SK/MIBR team of 2016 and 2017, this is one of the best teams I’ve played with. Everyone is working really hard and this reminds me of how nice it is to play CS together. During my career in MIBR in 2018 and 2019 we lost that a little bit, but now I’m hungry and I want to win again and I feel really good playing with them.”

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