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CS:GO Player Cooper Explains Why He Didn’t Switch To Valorant: “I Didn’t Like It As Much As Counter-Strike”



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Austin Abadir, known as “Cooper,” is a 26-year-old American CS:GO player who had played for teams like eUnited, Swole Patrol, and more. Currently, he has been playing for Ze Pug Godz, which is an organization-less team.

During the recent interview with, Cooper revealed his opinion about Riot Games’ newest FPS game, Valorant, and explained why he didn’t pursue with Valorant.

In the conversation, Cooper stated that he tried out the game for weeks but didn’t really enjoy it as he did in Counter-Strike. Also, Cooper realized that he wants to stay in CS:GO and try to reach his goals in the Counter-Strike because he enjoys the game as well as competing in it.

Here is what Cooper said:

“I did give Valorant a try for about a week or so, but I knew very early on that I didn’t like that game as much as Counter-Strike. As much as I wanted to like it, I realized I wanted to stay with CS. I personally really felt like I wanted to continue pursuing my goals in CS because I enjoy the game so much as well as competing in it.”

Cooper about the Ze Pug Godz:

“I know we’ve generated some interest, but with the way the NA CS landscape is looking right now, we know it will be a process. We are here to do our best and win, and hopefully that brings good news for us in the future.

I see this team being able to compete and win as long as we put in a lot of effort. We will have to work hard not only on maintaining our skill but also on our synergy in order to bring ourselves up to the level of all the other teams that have been working hard on that for a long time now.”

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