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CS:GO Player dephh Reveals What Younger Players Need



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27-year-old British/American CS:GO player Rory Jackson, known as “dephh” had been playing for Complexity Gaming since February 2016. On 28 October 2019, Complexity Gaming decided to part ways with him.

On 11 December, the in-game leader revealed what younger players need. He mentioned about the pressure and how It can affect the players.

dephh said:

“Certain players, especially young players need good environments to grow. Ofc people perform better sometimes as a pug – less risk, less stress on winning as a paid professional. CSGO reddit talk with such conviction on problems they have zero fkn clue on.”

Former player seangares replied:

“Love when I read people talk with such certainty on Reddit. Dunning-Kruger at its finest.”

A fan named Trey replied:

“Sean do you mean to tell me that my hard hitting analysis on how a pro‘s keyboard angle directly correlates to how many frags they get on T-side Vertigo matches played on LAN isn’t welcomed by the likes of you??”

seangares said:


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