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CS:GO Player DickStacy Shares Yet Another Weird Photo Of Himself



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22-year-old Australian CS:GO player Oliver Tierney, known as “DickStacy,” had played for teams like Athletico Esports, Grayhound Gaming, and Renegades in the past. Currently, he is on the break from the competitive scene.

A few days ago, DickStacy has shared a bizarre photo of himself via his official Twitter account and trying to sell gaming shoes in a funny way.

Here is what DickStacy wrote:

“If you want steady aim you need a steady base. Gamer shoes are designed for comfort and stability, it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all. Grip strength of a silverback Gorilla, not even cyclone Tracy could knock you off your feet. Buy em now @Crocs”

A fan named Haly replied:

“Gives you the grip when wide swinging so you don’t slip”

Another fan named Niku replied:

“You might as well be the best troll in the CS:GO scene. I appreciate you, Ollie.”

You can check his tweet below.

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