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CS:GO Player ELiGE Reacts To Reworked Vertigo



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22-year-old American CS:GO player Jonathan Jablonowski, known as “ELiGE” has been playing for Team Liquid since 2015. On 1 Agust, after Valve releases new patch notes and reworked Vertigo, he shares his opinion about the map.

ELiGE said:

“at first glance, not a fan of the new vertigo changes: -didnt change any of the sites themselves, which were the main problems. B fights still hard, A fights the same. -B looks like will be impossible for Ts now, can smoke it off from spawn but new spawn timings so dunno”

He added:

“actually my bad, B site was slightly changed with the positioning. could be good but I dont think Ts will get to that point since it’ll be easy to close it off”

You can check his tweets below.

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