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CS:GO Player Ethan Thinks This Organizer Has The Best Equipment In The Tournaments



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Ethan “Ethan” Arnold is a 19-year-old American CS:GO player who had been playing for NRG Esports between January 2018 and September 2019. Since September, he is representing Evil Geniuses. On 8 October, Ethan revealed the greatest organizer that has the best headsets.

Thorin said:

“Sad to hear gla1ve say teams could hear the casters while playing. Fix that shit @DreamHackCSGO”

Ethan replied:

“Good in ears + high quality over the ear heaphones, you don’t hear a thing. The corsair headsets that DH had at Malmo felt very cheap compared to others. ESL is by far the best for those helicopter-like headsets.”

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