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CS:GO Player FalleN Reveals Why He Loves To Be A Supportive Player



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Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo is a 28-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been playing for MIBR since June 2018. Before that, he was playing for Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming. In his career, he earned over $960.000 from the events.

On 26 December, he answered the question of Betway Esports and revealed why he loves to be a supportive player. He said that he likes to see his teammates shining and having a good moment inside the game.

Betway Esports:

“If you had to be an AWPer or IGL, which would it be?”

FalleN replied:

“I love doing both and I will always pick the one the team needs the most. If I have to pick the only one I would go with being an in-game leader. I like being with the control on how I and my teammates will operate.”

He added:

“I’m a very supportive player and I like to see other players shining and having good moments inside the game.”

You can read the tweet below.

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