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CS:GO Player Friberg Praises The Talent Of Astralis’ es3tag: “I’m Happy For Him”



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Adam “friberg” Friberg is a 28-year-old Swedish legendary CS:GO player who is known for his days at Ninjas In Pyjamas. Afterward, he played for Heroic and Optic Gaming, and he has been playing for Dignitas since January 2020.

Friberg took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about Astralis player Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and revealed how a great player he is.

In the post, Friberg mentioned the times when he was playing with es3tag on Heroic and stated that es3tag was having a big part of the decision making situations. Also, Friberg said that he always hoped that he would prove himself in a higher-tier team and wrote that he is so happy to see the success of es3tag in Astralis.

Furthermore, Friberg praised the talent of es3tag by saying that he is one of the players who can dictate a round with his gameplay and decisions, even though he is still a young player compared to the others.

Here is what Friberg said:

“So happy to see es3tag play well in Astralis. Usually, people can see individual skill when spectating, but also decision making is super important and Patrick is one of the players who can dictate a round even though he might not be as experienced as other people in his team.

During my time in Heroic he was a big part of our team (decision making etc), and I’ve always hoped he’d get the chance to show this in a top tier team. As of now he’s proven himself and imo he can play without pressure even though they’ve got a 7-man lineup.”

Former coach of Heroic, peacemaker replied:

“Agreed Adam, We both taught that piece of toledo a thing or two… Now he’s a real Toledo playing like the real star he is. Can’t wait to see you coming back a lot stronger as well, and you know it will happen.”

You can check out the post below.

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