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CS:GO Player Gratisfaction Can’t Play At DreamHack Masters Dallas – Here Is The New Player For Renegades



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Sean Kaiwai, known as “Gratisfaction” is 23 year old Australian CS:GO player who plays for Renegades since November 2018. He was replaced Nifty for awper role. Before this tournament, he also missed a lot of tournaments becasue of the visa issues. Now, Gratisfaction is gonna miss DreamHack Masters Dallas.

According to Renegades Twitter Account:

“Unfortunately, due to some complications, Grat will not be able to play in Dallas. But we are glad to have Smooya stand in for him.”

Sm00ya is 19 year old awper who is currently inactive in BIG Clan. This is second time he standing in for Renegades.

You can check the tweet below.

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