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CS:GO Player GuardiaN Roasts FaZe Clan For Bizarre Reason



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Ladislav Kovács, known as “GuardiaN” is a 28-year-old Slovakian CS:GO player who was playing for FaZe Clan since 2017. On 20 September, he re-joined the Natus Vincere. After a few days later, during the interview with, GuardiaN said that last year was a waste of time.

“What do you think was the moment when you knew it wasn’t going to work out with FaZe, that it was best for both sides to part ways?”

GuardiaN said:

“I was awaiting it for a long time. The past year we were just changing players and I knew it would come, that the team would need more changes than just one. I have no hard feelings against anyone on the team or anything, I think everyone will be happy this way, that’s all I can say. I just accepted the fact that everyone needs a change because the past year was just a waste of time, I would say, I would call it a huge waste of time, traveling to events with stand-ins, travelling to events not having NiKo sometimes like in Sydney. I think we just wasted one year of playing, so I hope everyone will be happy this way, I wish good luck to them and I hope it will work out for me, as well.”

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