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CS:GO Player huNter Reveals Why G2 Esports Trust Him



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23-year-old Bosnian CS:GO player Nemanja Kovač, known as “huNter” is a cousin of FaZe Clan player Nikola “Niko” Kovač. Since 2017, with the Valiance and CR4ZY, he has been improving his game. In September 2019, G2 Esports figured out this and signed with the huNter.

On 23 December, during the interview with, huNter revealed why G2 Esports trust him and nexa to play the map: Mirage.

“The second map went to Mirage, Spirit’s pick. Did you expect them to pick this? How prepared for it were you?”

huNter said:

“Yeah, we were 100% sure they would pick Mirage because when nexa and I joined, G2 was not playing the map at all. We started to prepare Mirage as much as possible, but as I said, we only had around 14 days of practice – it was not that much.”

He added:

“The G2 guys said if we wanted to play Mirage, they would because they believed in nexa and me from playing it a lot in CR4ZY. We knew how to play the map well, the rotations and everything, and they are listening to us and what we want to do. Of course, the rest of the team, including maLeK, are having great ideas on every map and it is working really well.”

huNter continued:

“After the summit loss, it was a difficult defeat to take as mousesports had a coach and stand-in playing. Everyone was writing: “you are idiots” and those kinds of things. It was hard to forget it and come straight here, but we showed amazing energy and won”

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