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CS:GO Player jdm Says He Will Be Top 20 Next Year



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Joshua Marzano, known as “jdm” is a 29-year-old American CS:GO player who had played for teams like Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid, Team Envy and more. Since July 2019, he is looking for a team to play. On 10 September, jmd said that he is looking for a team and he gives a promise that he will be the top 20 players in the world.

jdm said:

“With the major just ending, I’ve spent these last few months really grinding behind the scenes on developing myself as a more all around player. I’ve seen so much improvement in myself which I know I’ll continue to grow. I can play any role comfortably now. I’m looking to IGL and be whatever my next team needs me to be whether that being an IGL/hybrid or their awper. It’s safe to say tho, I’ve never had this amount of potential and I know given the chance, come 2020 I will be on HLTV top 20 players list”

jmd added:

“I could give a shit about that sort of accolade but that’s the sort of goal I’m setting for myself as I know I can reach it, my main goal obviously is to win championships. I’m tweeting this out because no one knows what I do behind the scenes and how hard I work when I say I will get the job done, trust me it will happen given time. I love challenges and I’m more than ready for any that is thrown my way. I’ve said this already but I’m willing to play in EU or NA. I’m fucking hungry to play at a high level again so get at me!”

You can read his tweets below.

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