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CS:GO Player JW Shows His Respect To The Fnatic



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Jesper Wecksell, known as “JW” is a Swedish CS:GO player who has been playing for Fnatic since 2013. His individual skill and aggressive playstyle made him one of the biggest AWP players in the world and probably for this reason, he is playing for the same organization for 5 years. On 24 July, he revealed his respect and gratefulness to the Fnatic.

JW said:

“I have been in @FNATIC for many years now and I dont have a single bad word to say about them, always putting me first, always supporting me in all my decisions even tho it ended up where we are today. Im thankful for these years and i can only wish we get to share many more. HBD”

JW added:

“People will probably twist this and think its because of all bad news around other orgs atm. But we are celebrating 15 years as an org and i just wanted to show how grateful I am. Thanks to @cArn for believing in me 2013. Happy birthday @FNATIC!”

You can read his tweets below.


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