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CS:GO Player k0nfig Criticizes Himself Harshly



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Kristian Wienecke, known as “k0nfig” is a 22-year-old Danish CS:GO player who had played for teams like SK Gaming, North, Copenhagen Wolves and more. Since February 2018, he is representing Optic Gaming. On 4 September, k0nfig criticizes himself really hard.

k0nfig said:

“After reading @Thooorin’s article I have the feeling that I will comeback to godtier form. I have been a bad professional and spent my hours wrong. I have disappointed myself and you which have never been my intention but I have been blind. I will do my very best to solve it”

He added:

“The truth hurts. I have been an arrogant idiot thinking everthing would come easy which it never will. I’m honestly sorry for my bad choices. I have been lying to myself thinking I was still a top player but I’m not. The grind has begun again and this time it wont stop.”

k0nfig continued:

“I love CSGO and it is my life. I dont know what I have been doing. “

He lastly said:

“I regret so many things and I apologize to everyone to old teammates aswell as to you fans. I’m going to change and become the k0nfig you remember. Not this one as you have been seeing lately. It’s very sad that it has reached this point before I realized it. I won’t look the other way anymore and try to hide. This is my return”

You can read his tweets below.

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