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CS:GO Player k0nfig Explains Why Krieg/SG553 Is Worst



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22-year-old Danish CS:GO player Kristian Wienecke, known as “k0nfig” had played for teams like Team Dignitas, North, Optic Gaming and more. Since 6 November 2019, he has been playing for Complexity Gaming. On 10 November, he explained why SG553 is worst than AK-47.

k0nfig said:

“I don’t find Krieg gameplay exciting to watch. AK vs M4 was alot better in my opinion. The game feels way to different and viewing matches isnt as hype anymore. I miss crisp AK headshots not Krieg spray/zooming.”

He added:

“I honestly believe it would be a better game if they just removed the gun. People actually drop AWP’s for Kriegs. Thats fucked up bro”

k0nfig continued:

“I will never buy the Krieg. I’m not a pussy. I’ll duel you with AK47 like the good old days. Of course I’m trying my best to win at all times. But this is a game breaking weapon. I do not support it at all. It should have been changed/removed months ago. AK is an iconic weapon. Krieg will be forgotten”

You can check his tweets below.

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