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CS:GO Player k1to Explains Why He Is So Grateful To BIG Clan



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Nils Gruhne, known as “k1to,” is a 21-year-old German CS:GO player who was playing for Sprout since May 2019. On 1st January 2020, he joined the BIG Clan with Florian “syrsoN” Rische. In his career, he earned over $80.000 from the events.

A few days ago, BIG Clan claimed the victory at DreamHack Open Leipzig. After this victory, k1to revealed how good BIG Clan treated him and shared his feelings.

Here is what k1to wrote:

“Thank you @BIGCLANgg for the work you put into this project and how you treat us players ❤ I never felt so welcomed in an organisation and I’m looking forward to the future. #goBIG #gemeinsam”

A fan user named Cocojambo replied:

“Big family”

Another fan named Sandesh replied:

“Straight from BIG academy to big stages, Im proud of u k1to😉”

You can read the tweet below.

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