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CS:GO Player Karrigan Reveals What Is The Difference Between Mousesports And The Others



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Finn Andersen, known as “Karrigan” is a 29-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing Mousesports since March 2019. Before that, he had played for teams like FaZe Clan, Team Envy, Astralis and many more.

On 21 December, during the interview with, he shared his opinion about the differences between Mousesports and the other teams that he had played.

“you’ve been an in-game leader for a while now, and over the years you’ve been the captain of a list of rosters. How does your current lineup differ from those you led before?”

Karrigan said:

“The three teams that I’ve reached the top with are three different teams. I came into TSM, who had a really strong core and they are still together. They could never really reach the big titles, and when I came in there, we won some titles. Obviously we didn’t win the Major, I couldn’t take them further.”

Karrigan continued:

“Going into FaZe was a complete mess to begin with. There were superstars from different teams that people didn’t really want in their team, like NiP and Danish teams, etc. There, I had to build with the pieces I had, and kept improving the team over time. That’s what we did together with FaZe, and we won a lot of tournaments as well.”

Karrigan on Mousesports:

“Coming to mousesports, it was a different story. I had the chance to create my team from the beginning. I could watch a lot of demos, I could get to know the person before taking them into the team. I did a lot of work behind the scenes to kind of figure out who I wanted, how contracts worked and how we could get the players we wanted for a reasonable price. That’s what we did, and I knew when we started this team that 2020 was the year in which we had to perform. We set goals for this year with our sports psychologist saying we wanted one big tournament win this year and we wanted to reach top-five and take it from there next year. That’s what we have done, and I’m really happy with the team.”

He added:

“What you never really know is the chemistry of the team, and I think it has been insanely good from day one, everybody is here to win, everybody is also enjoying each other. Having good chemistry in the lineup is really, really important, because you have it automatically in a domestic lineup, people always know each other from various teams, for example, but here we came in from four different teams and we had to figure out the playstyle we wanted. Everything is working great right now.”

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