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CS:GO Player Kioshima Reveals What He Will Do In His Quarantine Days



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Fabien Fiey, known as “Kioshima,” is a 25-year-old French CS:GO player who has been playing for  Team Heretics since October 2019. Before that, he was playing for Cloud9, Team Envy, FaZe Clan and many more.

As you might already know, COVID-19, publicly known as coronavirus is spreading all around the world and over 25 countries have been struggling with this disease. Furthermore, people are locking down themselves into their houses because of this.

Yesterday, Kioshima shared a new photo on his official Twitter account and revealed the pieces of gym equipment that he bought for his house. Also, he stated that he will do a lot of workouts in this outbreak.

Here is what Kioshima said:

“Getting equipped for the lockdown.”

Famous caster James Banks replied:

“Good stuff kio, I love to see it! Stay safe!”

A fan named Mateusz Miter replied:

“Setting an example! Keep up the good work!”

You can check his tweet below.

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