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Famous CS:GO Player Leaves Optic Gaming, and Here’s His New Team



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20 years old danish CS:GO player Nikolaj Kristensen known as “Niko“, had joined Optic Gaming in September 2018. After 3 months, Niko has benched from Optic Gaming. On 1 February, Entry fragger has revealed his new team: Rogue. Rogue’s best move in CS:GO scene was adding Spencer  “Hiko” Martin in their line up on 2017.

Niko tweeted:

I’m very happy to start a new chapter with Rogue and my new team mates and I would like to thank Optic Gamingfor the time spent with them. #GoRogue”

Also some of important people of CS:GO scene congratulated him for his new move, such as Valde, Peacemaker, Hiko.

His new teammate Hiko replied:

Welcome niko to the team – excited to work with another iko xD We’ll be playing in the IEM Sydney open qualifier this weekend with him”

You can check the tweets and replies below

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