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CS:GO Player LEGIJA Shows His Respect To Legendary Player Gobb



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Nikola Ninić, known as “LEGIJA” is a 28-year-old former CS:GO player who had played for NRG Esports, BIG Clan and many more. Since 2018, he has been coaching for BIG Clan. On 2 Agust, legendary in-game leader Fatih “gobb” Dayik announced his retirement and LEGIJA showed his respect to gobb.

LEGIJA said:

“Well what to say…im Grateful for everything i have learned from Fatih inside the Game, which is basically almost everything. But i am even more Grateful for what he has taught me as a Human being. Hands down one of my very best friends @gobelante”

LEGIJA added:

“Through all our ups and downs, you have never changed and have always been supportive and there for your teammates. I love you brother and always will. Barbeque at my Parents next week <3”

You can read his tweets below.

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