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CS:GO Player m0E Reveals The Best AWP Players In The World



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American former professional player Mohamad “m0E” Assad had played for teams like Torqued, Echo Fox and many more. 32-year-old veteran player reveals his opinion about the best awp players in the game. He replied to the thorin‘s tweet and said that KennyS and GuardiaN are the best..

Thorin said:

“When I see someone say “GuardiaN was always better than kennyS” I simply immediately assume the person didn’t watch pre-2016 or is lying about having done so.”

m0E said:

“Guardian was always known to be more consistent while Kenny was known to have a bigger upside in terms of pure skill as an awper. I think both of them are all time 1 and 2 awpers and in any order to be honest. Both earned it”

You can read the tweets below.

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