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CS:GO Player Maikelele Reveals The Future Of Counter-Strike



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Mikail Bill, known as “Maikelele,” is a 29-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who had played for teams like FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Ninjas In Pyjamas, and many more. Currently, he is on benched in GODSENT.

Maikelele spoke in the interview with and revealed his opinion about the international rosters in CS:GO. He stated that these rosters are the future of the Counter-Strike and he was the first one to show it, referring to the Team Kinguin roster.

Here is what Maikelele said in the interview:

“They’re still playing. It may not be the same team but it’s the team that I once created.

It’s one of the best teams and has been such for many years. I just hope that people understand that international Counter-Strike is the future and that I was the first one to show it.”

Maikelele about one of the first international rosters that G2 established:

“It was like a family. We all woke up in the morning, we’d had breakfast, we’d play and afterward, we’d go have a beer. We were doing everything together, we were having so much fun. The atmosphere was just perfect.”

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