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CS:GO Player MAJ3R Reveals The Most Important Thing To Be An In-Game Leader



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28-year-old in-game leader Engin “MAJ3R” Kupeli had played for teams like Millenium, Space Soldiers and many more. On 11 July, he revealed the most important thing to be an in-game leader. The conversation started with writer professeur_CS criticizing FaZe Clan and Ninjas In Pyjamas about their in-game leader choices.

professeur_CS said:

“One of the most proposed solutions for FaZe and NiP is to get an in-game leader that is 25 years old, hasn’t played the game for six months, and actually, doesn’t like to be an in-game leader Shows how desperate things are getting”

Coach Johnta replied:

“IGLs are very underrated during their careers, its hard role full of responsibilities. People dont understand it and dont value them enough so a lot of them changed role or just quit. As a result, there are not many availible. We can see this problem in every CSGO region.”

MAJ3R said:

“The most important thing for a leader is the trust of your teammates. Even if you bad call, the believe of your teammates will change it on a good calls. Constantly thinking what u can do early and mid round, and also u have to score and do your indiv work as a player. Agree bro”

You can read the tweets below.

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