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CS:GO Player mirbit Shared His Thoughts About BIG Clan



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Sabit Coktasar, known as “mirbit,” is a 23-year-old German/Turkish CS:GO player who has been representing ALTERNATE aTTaX for over seven months. Previously, he had played for Sprout.

During the recent interview with, mirbit talk about the huge success that BIG Clan made and become the best team in the world.

In the conversation, mirbit stated that the players in BIG are putting insane amount of time into the game, and they are getting used to the online Counter-Strike. Also, he said that they totally deserved this success and hope for the best for them.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you feel the team has benefitted from the exclusive online format that has been established in response to the coronavirus pandemic?”

mirbit said:

“In my opinion, the online format complicated a lot of things for us. With all the changes to the ranking system, a lot of CIS teams could farm points by playing each other [in regionalized tournaments] without the same kind of opposition other teams from Europe had to face.

Now we are in a weird place where we feel like we are closing in on the top 30 but can‘t really reach it yet due to those changes which I mentioned. On top of that, the core of the team was always composed and performed pretty well on LAN, which we can‘t show for now.”

Interviewer asked:

“I’d like to talk about BIG. They have displayed phenomenal form in the past couple of months since the switch to online play, becoming the first German team to reach no.1 in the rankings. What are your thoughts on BIG as a team? And how important do you think their recent rise to the top is for the grassroots scene?”

mirbit replied:

“From what I have heard they are putting an insane amount of time into the game and it obviously shows. A lot of things fell into place for them to reach that number one spot and it‘s totally deserved. Other top teams are going through roster changes and struggling throughout this online phase while BIG seems to thrive under the current circumstances.

Regarding the future of the German scene: I hope some players and teams in the German scene will get inspired by their newfound success. I’m optimistic that with more ambition and a tougher mindset there will be more German teams competing at an international level in the future.”

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