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CS:GO Player MSL Explains What Happened During His Time At Optic Gaming



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Mathias Sommer Lauridsen, known as “MSL,” is a 25-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been playing for Team North since January 2020. Before that, he was playing for Optic Gaming. In his career, he earned around $300.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, during the recent interview with, MSL explained what happened before he left the Optic Gaming. asked:

“What happened at the end of your time on OpTic?”

MSL replied:

“At the end of OpTic, cajunb left for North and we were in a position where OpTic couldn’t use any money to buy players because they had just been sold. We had already picked up TeSeS, and since we couldn’t buy any other players, we didn’t have many options.

It felt like if we were forced to pick up a completely unknown player it would be too much work, and we thought that it was a good time to go our separate ways.”

He added:

“k0nfig is on Complexity now and I’m on North, niko hasn’t got a team yet, but I think he should be on one because he’s very good. TeSeS also joined Copenhagen Flames, we all got what we wanted, so in that sense it worked out pretty well.”

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