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CS:GO Player Niko Says ‘Enough’ To Haters Who Slam Kjaerbye And FaZe Clan



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Nikola Kovac, known as “Niko,” is a 23-year-old Bosnian CS:GO player who has been representing FaZe Clan for over three years. Before that, he was playing for Mousesports. In his career, he earned over $700.000 from the events.

On the other hand, Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye had been playing for North since February 2018, and he joined FaZe Clan about two weeks ago after having a three months break from the Counter-Strike.

Following the bad results from the tournaments after the player break, most of the fans criticized FaZe Clan and the addition of Kjaerbye on social media. Niko responded to these allegations by using his official Twitter account.

In the post, Niko stated that they had only five days to practice for the tournament, and it’s understandable why they couldn’t perform in the matches. He said that they need time to fix their mistakes and improve the gameplay, and mentioned that judging before letting the team spent time together is meaningless.

Here is what Niko said:

Enough with the hate on my team and Kjaerbye, we had 5 days of practice and we nearly won against nr 2. team in the world who has been bootcamping over 2 weeks.

Give us some time to work on our mistakes before judging, we are doing everything we can to improve as soon as possible.”

You can check out the post below.

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