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CS:GO Player nitr0 Admits That This Team Is Better Than Team Liquid



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Nicholas Cannella, known as “nitr0” is a 24-year-old American CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Liquid since 2015. On 1 October, during the interview with, nitr0 said that Astralis is always a step ahead when they play against them asked:

“How does that affect you as a caller, not having the same confidence as before?”

nitr0 said:

“Whenever your fundamentals aren’t as strong more micromanagement is required, not just from me but all of the players. Identifying when to go and not to go and stuff like that and having more protocols down because people, whenever they start watching your demos, are going to figure out what you’re going to do when X happens, they’ll be a step ahead of you, which is how it always feels when we’re playing Astralis. Even on Vertigo, we knew what they were going to do, that they were going to be aggressive on A, but they took it a step further and also started to take forklift room, which is something we haven’t seen in practice, so that caught us a bit off-guard. You know how Vertigo is, it’s really hard without that A-ramp control, so they were just smarter on that map and a step ahead. We need to be a step ahead next time.”

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