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CS:GO Player Olofmeister Reacts To Kjaerbye’s Addition To FaZe Clan



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Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson, known as “Olofmeister,” is a 28-year-old Swedish CS:GO player who has been representing FaZe Clan for over three years. Right now, he is on the bench. Previously, he had played for Fnatic.

Yesterday, FaZe Clan announced that they part ways with their stand-in player Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras and added former Astralis and North player Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye into the roster.

Afterward, Olofmeister took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about FaZe Clan’s decision about the transfers.

In the post, Olofmeister stated that even though Bymas is one of the brightest talents in the world, Kjaerbye’s addition is better for FaZe Clan due to the experience and role-wise. Also, he said that the new roster is looking great.

Here is what Olofmeister said:

Think Bymas is one for the future but Kjaerbye makes a lot of sense role wise, looks great in my opinion!”

Kjaerbye replied:

Thanks Olof! Hope you are well, and enjoying life!”

You can check out the tweet below.

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