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CS:GO Player pronax Reveals His Favorite Game



One of the legendary players in the Counter-Strike scene, Markus Wallsten, known as “pronax,” had played for Fnatic, GODSENT, Team Ancient and many more. Currently, he is working for GODSENT.

A few days ago, pronax has replied to Blast Premier’s tweet and shared a clip from his gameplay. Furthermore, he stated that his favorite game is Counter-Strike 1.5. Also, he said that he was a monster at 1.6.

Here is what Blast Premier wrote:

“Counter-Strike is one of the most legendary FPS games out there.

Which version of CS was the first one you played? We’ll go first: Counter-Strike 1.6.”

pronax replied:

“1.5 but I was a GOD in 1.6 ;)”

You can check his tweet and watch the video below.

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