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CS:GO Player refrezh Says This Feature Is Not Good As The People Thinks



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21-year-old Danish CS:GO player Ismail Ali, known as “refrezh” had been representing Optic Gaming since December 2018. In August 2019, Optic Gaming decided to bench him. Before that, he had played for Fragsters and Tricked Esport.

On 8 December, he said that flash assist sign should have removed.

refrezh said:

“So are we just going to forget that you’ll still able to see which person on the enemy team who flashed for his teammate when they get a kill? I really feel this is a huge flaw atm, especially on Inferno. @CSGO wake up, this should be an easy fix!”

You can check the tweet below.

On 19 November, Valve released a new operation named Operation Shattered Web that no one expected it. After this update, professional players reacted and shared their opinions, including the refrezh.

refrezh said:

“I think we will see a even worse meta than we had before with SG. 4 people with Galil kevlar and 1 guy with utility can do alot of damage. The trade potential is so high and it’s a huge advantage for the T’s. The problem with the SG buy was you need to get the kills”

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