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CS:GO Player Ropz Shares His Opinion About The Evil Geniuses



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19-year-old Estonian CS:GO player Robin Kool, known as “Ropz” has been playing for Mousesports since April 2017. He earned over $350.000 from the tournaments that he attended with the Mousesports.

On 6 December, during the interview with, Ropz shared his thoughts about the Evil Geniuses and their match up against them.

“You’re now through to the quarter-finals, where you will face Evil Geniuses in the second match of the day. It’s an interesting matchup as both teams have shown great performances – any initial thoughts?”

Ropz replied:

“As a team, we are really confident. With this lineup we haven’t lost to them yet, so that’s a good thing for us. Me and Chris, historically speaking, I don’t think we have lost to the lineup in like two years maybe (laughs), so we have a good track record against them and we’re hoping to keep that up. It’s definitely going to be a good match, EG is obviously a fired up team right now. It’s always nice to beat them and get those ranking points from them. Hopefully, we can do it again; they are good opponents.”

“You mentioned the good track record you and Chrisj hold against them, do you think there’s anything specific that gives you an advantage over them, or did this just happen to be the case?”

Ropz said:

“I’m not sure, I think it just happens to be, but we always beat them in the most important matches, like elimination matches, semi-finals and all of these big matches.”

You can read the full interview from here.

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