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CS:GO Player RUSH Says He Is Trying Out Valorant For The Last Month



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William Thomas Wierzba, known as “RUSH,” is a 27-year-old American CS:GO player who had been playing for Complexity Gaming since September 2019. Last month, he was benched by the organization.

RUSH spoke in a recent interview with famous journalist Duncan “Thorin” Shields and talked about the past and early days of his career. After promoting the video on Twitter, RUSH also gave an update about his future.

In the tweet, RUSH pointed out that he has been trying out Valorant for the last month to see if the game is a viable option for him and said that the future is not set right now. This also means that RUSH is still considering if he is going to stay in CS:GO or switch to Valorant.

RUSH help Cloud9 to win the first Major that North America has in ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, and he is one of the greatest and humble players that the North American scene has ever seen before.

However, RUSH has been underperforming since his departure from Cloud9. He had a 0.95 rating in 2019, and 0.97 in 2020. Unfortunately, Rush hit one of the lowest ratings in his career in 2021, which is a 0.93, which made him benched in Complexity Gaming.

RUSH on his future:

Did a recap on most of my career with Thorin. My future still isn’t set but to be transparent I’ve been feeling out Valorant the last month to see if it’s a viable option for me.”

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