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CS:GO Player s1mple Reveals What Would He Do If He Lost The Top Player Title



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Oleksandr Kostyliev, known as “s1mple” is a 22-year-old CS:GO player who has been playing for Natus Vincere since August 2016. He was the 3rd player in 2017 and the top player in 2018. On 31 October, during the interview with, he explains what would he do if he lost the number one spot in 2019 on the hltv’s top players list.

“You are always trying to improve yourself and be the best that you can. The race for the #1 player of 2019 is definitely not decided yet, but ZywOo has been putting up some good numbers, and with Na`Vi’s struggles, even though you personally played well, you didn’t make that many deep runs. How do you feel about all of that, do you feel like you can still be clearly considered the #1 player again, in this year?”

s1mple said:

“I would say that I feel a bit sad because I see all these results and a lot of these tournaments that my team didn’t attend before, and we understand that because of that, you can easily lose the spot because your team is not playing. You lose experience at LAN games and other teams are becoming better because of this. I would say that some tournaments are still left, but I’m not going to be really mad if any other pro player becomes top 1, I understand that we didn’t have results. “

s1mple continued:

 “I would aim for next year because for me the goal is to win with the team like Astralis did a year ago and, as I said, it would be much better to win with the team, it would be a new feeling I didn’t have before.”

s1mple added:

“But I’ll try my best, I don’t know, I’m doing the same, I’m practicing the same as I always did. Maybe sometimes it is not working, maybe sometimes some players have better days, or some teams have better days because they had better practice, but I’m just going to keep working on my game, keep working with the team, and we will try to show our best game”

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