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CS:GO Player ScreaM Reveals The Most Overpowered Valorant Agent



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26-year-old Belgian CS:GO player Adil Benrlitom, known as “ScreaM,” had played for teams like Titan, Team Envy, Team Kinguin, G2 Esports, and many more. Right now, he is considering about playing Valorant.

ScreaM took to his official Twitter account to reveal his opinion about the agents in Valorant and explained why Breach is the most impactful agent.

In the tweet, ScreaM stated that Breach can stun from far away, has two flashes, and an explosion. ScreaM said that he is so strong right now with these abilities and there is no agent could to these kinds of things like Breach.

Here is what ScreaM said:

“Could Breach be the most impactful agent? Won 2-0 against Prodigy tonight, GG’s.

He can stun from a far distance, he has 2 flashes and an explosion to 100% clear a zone. Without talking about his ult I just don’t see any agent that could have more impact for a team if used correctly.”

You can read the tweet below.

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