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CS:GO Player Smooya Makes A Controversial Statement About Valorant Players



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Owen Butterfield, known as “Smooya,” is a 20-year-old British CS:GO player who had played for teams like BIG Clan, Chaos Esports Club, Epsilon, and many more. Currently, he is looking for a team to play.

Smooya has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about CS:GO players who recently decided to be professional Valorant players. He stated that they will get bored in the near future because they switched the games just because of the money.

Here is what Smooya said:

“Some Valorant players are going to be in a very weird place once they end up getting bored of the game, realise they only switched to have a salary for the moment and probably quit 🙁 Future RIP’s for the careers we’re going to lose.”

Cloud9 CS:GO player daps replied:

“I don’t think its that severe tbh. A lot of these players that end up returning to CS will be around the same level they left from.”

Smooya replied:

“Time will tell, I played valorant for 1 week when it first released then came back to CS and it felt like I couldn’t hold my mouse. Couldn’t imagine 5-6 months haha”

A fan named Christopher added this comment:

“Gotta remember the games in beta stages, also the fact it doesn’t have to be better than CS:GO to be bigger than CS:GO, if they can target mainstream & tv it opens new doors for ad revenue.”

You can read the tweets below.

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