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CS:GO Player Smooya Reveals The Feature He Wants In Valorant



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Owen Butterfield, known as “Smooya,” is a 20-year-old free agent CS:GO player who had played for teams like Epsilon Esports, BIG Clan, Chaos Esports Club, and more. In his career, he earned around $80.000 from the events.

Smooya took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about Riot Games’ Valorant and unveiled the feature he wants for the game.

In the post, Smooya said that if Riot Games managed to add a feature that allows you to see which binds the players are using during the spectate mode besides the new crosshair feature, it would be amazing to see.

Here is what Smooya said:

Another cool thing Valorant could add is when you spectate somebody it also shows the binds that they use for their abilities. ontop of the crosshair thing they added, could be pretty cool.”

You can read the tweet below.

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