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CS:GO Player Smooya Reveals Why XANTARES Is Underperforming



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One of the youngest AWP players in the world is Owen “smooya” Butterfield. He was playing for BIG Clan since 2017 and in January 2020, he joined the Chaos Esports Club. On the other hand, Turkish aim god İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş has been playing for BIG Clan since December 2018.

On 11th January 2020, during the interview with, smooya responded to one of the most wondering questions in the world. asked:

“We haven’t seen XANTARES perform to the Space Soldiers level on LAN, he hasn’t been that crazy fragger that he was known to be in the past. What is it about playing in the BIG structure that has not allowed him to flourish or even play the way he used to?”

Smooya replied:

“I don’t know. I didn’t really play with him or know him during his Space Soldiers time. I only knew him through FPL and we actually didn’t like each other because I picked a map he didn’t want to play and he called me a ‘fucking bitch’. We didn’t speak for like seven months until he joined the team and was calling me ‘brother’ and stuff, so I was like, ‘OK, I guess there’s no problem.’ You can see him online and he performs really well in all of the qualifiers, he has like 1.7 ratings over 8 maps. It’s actually impossible, some of the stats he gets! I think on LAN people just prepare more for him and his problem is that he doesn’t really change his game.

He’s clearly a top three aimer in the world, I swear if you watch this guy deathmatch it’s like watching an alien, it makes no sense. I try to go DM and perform like him, but after I kill two guys I just leave because it’s boring. I have more fun watching him play than doing it myself. I really don’t know, I guess people just prepare for him more. Let’s say he has four or five players on Banana, if you don’t just face him and have aim duels with him he can struggle. The way we played sometimes was just giving him full freedom on maps, him and me, so it was up to us two to get picks, but then on LAN we just sucked.”

He added:

“It’s hard for him to play on LAN the same way he does online if the rest of the team doesn’t, and I think it had a lot to do with that. I see a lot of comments saying ‘ONLINETARES’ and ‘Turkish trash can’ and stuff like this, but it’s so hard to flame one guy when you look at our last three months together as a team and four of us were just above 1.00 rating and one guy was below 1.00. We all sucked. But since he’s the star player that he is, all of the pressure goes on his shoulders and everyone flames him, but the reality is that it’s not just down to him, it’s on everybody. I don’t understand the hate, really.”

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