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CS:GO Player Snappi Praises ZywOo: “He Was The Best Even Before He Became Professional Player”



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Marco Pfeiffer, known as “Snappi,” is a 30-year-old Danish CS:GO player who has been representing c0ntact Gaming for over four months. Before that, he is known for his career with Heroic.

Snappi took to his official Twitter account to reply to the tweets of analysts Maniac and Thorin’s thoughts about French prodigy, ZywOo, and praised his talent.

Snappi mentioned that ZywOo, who has been playing full-time Counter-Strike for over two years and earned the best player award last year, was so great even before he turned to the professional player and proved once again how a perfect player ZywOo is.

Here is what Maniac said:

“ZywOo’s playstyle is so mature and clean that his young age often becomes an overlooked storyline. I often forget about it.”

Thorin replied:

“Likely helps to have your first top tier team be one filled with super experienced veterans.”

Maniac responded:

“While I agree with you, I used to play against him in 2017 when he was in aAa, and I already felt the same about his playstyle.”

Snappi replied:

“He was the best even before he turned professional.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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