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CS:GO Player Steel Shares A Untold Tip For In-Game Leaders



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29-year-old veteran player Joshua “steel” Nissan had played for teams like iBUYPOWER, Torqued, GX and more. On 28 June, he shared tips for the in-game leaders to improve themselves.

steel said:

“PSA to all aspiring IGLs: Most of your job is done before and after the match / scrim goes live. During the game your job is to help give direction (aka midrounding) by calling for regroups, or saying what the next goal is. Protocols, strats, setups, and nade line-ups are what you talk about before you start your match. Reviewing what went right and wrong is what you talk about after so you can fix it before you play again.”

He added:

“I write this after seeing the latest Reddit post where people are discussing IGLing in matchmaking. Matchmaking IGLing isn’t real IGLing. Especially at lower levels.Want to know how to win at lower levels where people don’t know how to 3 man spray transfer? Where people don’t know how to play together? How to play anti-flash? How to coordinate “you watch this and if this happens I’ll smoke that and we’ll double peek”? Be close enough to trade but far enough not to get multi-fragged. Don’t rush into nades and if you’re going to rush places like long A dust2 or mid train make sure you have flashes being thrown so that you can safely get out of chokepoints. Don’t default 1-1-1-1-1 into awpers. It takes 10 mins to discuss 4 different approaches to CT banana control. You don’t have that time in a pug. How the fuck you gonna tell some guy to do a specific smoke or flash that you cannot explain with just words?”

steel continued:

“There’s a reason why people that are super sick in pugs are typically dogshit in matches. It’s a completely different game. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you call in a pug if your teammates are going to peek and die in a 3v3 post plant even if you say don’t peek”

You can read his tweets below.

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