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CS:GO Player SuNny Becomes A Free Agent And Unites With Flusha For The New Roster



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Miikka Kemppi, known as “SuNny,” is a 26-year-old Finnish CS:GO player who was playing for Mousesports before joining ENCE in August 2019. In December 2020, he was benched by the organization.

Yesterday, ENCE and SuNny announced on Twitter that he left ENCE and become a free agent. After a while, SuNny revealed he joined forces with ex-Fnatic player Flusha, who decided to leave the team to build his own team and become the in-game leader.

In the post, SuNny stated that they are a very interesting project that includes both experienced and young players and said that they have the same goals to achieve. In this way, he encouraged the organizations to contact them and make a conversation to see their potential.

Here is what SuNny said:

“Hi. Good news today, I am officially a free agent!
in the past months there hasn’t been anything else to do than think and practice individually. One thing is very sure for the future. I am eager and ready to play and compete on the big stages again.

I believe we have very promising project including young and also experienced players which share the same goals and work ethics to achieve them. Contact me and surprise.”

You can check out the post below.

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